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One With The Light/Om Shanti - Brenda McMorrow (Official Video)

From the album "My Heart Bows Down To You", White Swan Records, September, 2015 whiteswanrecords.com

Song produced by Warren Huart (www.warrenhuart.com/)

Film Directed, shot and edited by Jeremiah Hill.


What I am, what I’ve come to know

Is that I’ve always been and there’s nowhere to go

No beginning and no end, infinite love that a mind can’t comprehend

Beyond identity, beyond wrong and right

Beyond anything in my mind

I am one, I am one, I am one with the Light

To hide away, to fight

There’s no need for that tonight

To open wide and see what lives inside of me

Om Shanti,

Om Shanti,

Om Shanti Om

Om Peace ,

Om Peace,

Om Peace


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