Nataraj Films is an internationally roaming motion picture production enterprise, originally founded in the expat community of Seoul, South Korea. We produce short fiction, live performance capture (music, events) and 'visual meditations', as well as any other projects which happen to inspire us to pick up the camera. We create content primarily for internet distribution from wherever we happen to be.


Jeremiah Hill

Owner and principle content producer.

Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Writer.

Also, Photographer - see his work at www.jeremiahhill.com

Also, singer-songwriter - www.facebook.com/jeremiahhillmusic


Shiva Nataraj is the Hindu Lord of the Dance, said to be the Creator and Destroyer of the universe. Shiva is one of the three principle gods of Hinduism, along with Vishnu and Brahma.  In the Nataraj form, He is the Cosmic Dancer, representing the ebb and flow of the Universe.

The Nataraj image has long held a pull for us.

A symbol rich with meaning, the Shiva Nataraj also speaks at great depth without need for intellectual interpretation.  Much like the seated Buddha seems to silently explain the basic elements of still meditation ("sit down, close your eyes, go within, at peace, like this...") the Dancer can offer up life instruction at a glance.

In contrast to the Buddha, the Nataraj expresses a dynamic, in-the-world vision of a spiritual life: rapt in movement, yet simultaneously balanced at center. The Dancer is surrounded in the fires that consume. Yet from this place, creation is born. He seems to emanate a message of being deeply engaged in the full-fire experience of what it is to be alive.

We believe that this symbol embodies the spirit of filmmaking, as well as the quality, content and message of the films we wish to produce.

Filmmaking is a dynamic art. A dance. It is fire.

In the center of any production one must constantly balance a myriad of different elements and factors, some in one's control, others outside of it. In every moment choices must be made on which way to move next, and yet those choices are often made at the intersection of skill and intuition. The process of a film's unfolding must be felt out as much as it must be reasoned.

A filmmaker must find their own still-point in this process—that point of quiet where the vision emerges from. It's from this quiet space that the entire miracle of visual story telling emerges, and around which any project inevitably orbits.

In a broader sense, Nataraj also reflects our commitment to the evocation of spirit of what it is to be alive in this world; to content which lifts us up and helps point us toward a life worth living, full of wonder, adventure and intensity, no matter where upon the planet we may find ourselves sprouting roots.

Shiva Nataraj. Poised. Balanced. Dynamic. Centered. Moving. Grounded. On fire. In life. Nataraj Films.


You might find Nataraj wherever the members are. We tend to wander and are best reached via our CONTACT form.


To share wonder, through sound, ideas and images, and thereby affect positive change in the collective consciousness of the entire planet. We aim to produce moving and powerful content that contributes to each of us living deeper, more enriched lives.


In the long term, Nataraj aims to serve as a launching pad for short fiction, documentary, spiritual and performance film projects in various locales across the globe. Our aim is to produce geographically-independent films intended for a global audience.

It is the mission of Nataraj Films to evolve toward the production of full-length dramatic feature films.

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